We us​e sport and play to educate and empower children and youth to overcome poverty, conflict and disease


Through the power of play, we're helping one million children, recognize their potential and realize their dreams. Our programs focus on measurably impacting the three most critical areas of child development: the quality of their education, their ability to stay healthy and their potential to help build peaceful communities.

The foundation for our approach is simple: we create safe environments for children, where they can focus on their social, emotional and physical growth. Guided by our principles on inclusion, child protection and gender equality, we provide kids and their communities with the knowledge and skills they need to create sustainable and beneficial change. Keep reading and we'll show you how...

Children from Thailand jumping
Kids in class

We train​ local teachers and community leaders to make education fun so that kids are excited to learn and are engaged in their lessons.

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Little girl peace sign

​The joy of play transcends​ ethnic, cultural and historical divides. When children play together, they learn skills to live peacefully.

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Washing hands

Our games and activities teach childr​​en important life-saving lessons, like how to wash their hands and use a mosquito net.

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