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Kevin Rempel

Sledge Hockey

Kevin Rempel is a 2014 Paralympic bronze medalist in sledge hockey and proud Right To Play Ambassador.

After being paralyzed at the age of 23, Kevin not only learned how to walk again, but overcome the mental battle of both depression and living with a disability to rebuild his life, and eventually reach the Paralympic podium in sledge hockey.

Kevin is an expert in change management, mental health, and resilience, delivering his inspirational message about adopting The Hero Mindset, where you focus on small things that make a big difference to help you too, become a hero in your own story.

In addition to corporate presentations, Kevin is also a business coach for athletes and leaders using strategies from The Hero Mindset Blueprint to help build confidence, adopt healthy and predictable patterns, and accept radical responsibility in cultivating a confident and empowered mindset to drive results and embrace change.