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These are just a few of the over 1,000 Right To Play games and activities that girls are using to discover their potential.

We use these games to spark learning through a method we call “Reflect, Connect, Apply”. A girl reflects on the game after playing it. She connects those reflections to experiences and challenges in her life. Then she shares ideas with others about how she can apply what she learned in the game.

Try it out as you play the games!

Games For Girls

Ages 7-12
Girls Score [PDF] [JPEG]

Lion’s Roar [PDF] [JPEG]

One of Us, All of Us [PDF] [JPEG]

Run For Your Rights [PDF] [JPEG]

All games for ages 7-12 [PDF] [JPEG]

Ages 13-18
Barrier Up, Barrier Down [PDF] [JPEG]

No Means No [PDF] [JPEG]

True or False [PDF] [JPEG]

All games for ages 13-18 [PDF] [JPEG]

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