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2022 Annual Report

The Power of Play

In 2022, children continued to face incredible obstacles that limit their opportunities for their future and potential. Conflict, climate change, economic instability, and the effects of COVID-19 continue to make it more difficult for children to stay in school and stay out of child labor, early pregnancy, or child marriage, and stay safe from violence and discrimination.

In our 2022 Annual Report, you’ll read about teachers who are using play to create safe, inclusive, and engaging learning environments that jumpstart children’s creativity and development. You’ll meet children who are building leadership skills and are becoming advocates in their communities through clubs and mentorship. And you’ll meet parents who are using play with their pre-school aged children to set a strong foundation for future learning.

2022 At a Glance

Reach and Impact

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Thanks to your support, 2.78 million children and 12,767 youth were able to engage in play-based program activities that help them stay more engaged in learning, perform better in subjects like reading, math and science, and develop crucial life skills like teamwork, communication, and conflict resolution.

In 2022, more than 101,500 educators and coaches were equipped to support children’s learning, development, and well-being. Students in Right To Play-supported schools in Ghana, Mozambique, and Rwanda were 1.5 times more likely to view their learning environment as positive than children in unsupported schools. In Ghana, students showed stronger overall reading fluency, reading an average of 17 more words per minute than students in unsupported schools.

More than 175,700 parents and caregivers were also engaged to protect children and keep them learning through community awareness campaigns, parenting resources and support sessions, and at-home visits. Not only did they engage with conversations about the importance of education, especially for girls and children with disabilities, but also received support on how to manage their own stress and how to respond to their children’s emotional needs.

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Meet Our Uprisers

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Read more about the children, youth, coaches, and teachers in our programs and how they are changing their communities for the better.


Aisha is an aspiring journalist and advocate who found her confidence and voice through the games and playful activities her teacher started using in the classroom. Watch how she’s preparing to follow her dreams and click to read more.


Ambroise is a teacher who has made it his mission to eliminate the use of corporal punishment in Rwandan schools and bring playful, joyful learning to his students. Watch his story and click to read more.


Mehboob is a coach from the Sindh province who leapt into action in the aftermath of the Pakistan floods, providing psychosocial support to children in crisis. Watch his story and click to read his firsthand account.

Rebuilding After the Pakistan Floods

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The worst floods in Pakistan’s history hit in September, displacing eight million people and damaging more than 23,000 schools. Right To Play coaches and volunteers in hard-hit Sindh province rapidly mobilized to offer play-based psychosocial support to more than 3,400 flood-affected children to help them cope with stress and anxiety. We also provided 1,000 hygiene kits to flood-affected families and worked with government and the international community to make schools safe for children to return.

Thank You to Our Supporters

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We are deeply thankful for the individuals, governments, foundations, agencies, and businesses whose support makes our work possible. The continued partnership of our donors allows us to run play-based programs for girls’ empowerment, quality education, child protection, and health and well-being.

Thank you for your commitment to our mission to protect, educate, and empower children. Thank you for working towards a future where children are free from abuse, heard and respected, and empowered.

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