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Noel McDonald

President of Isthmus Capital Management and Co-Chair of Playmakers Board

Noel McDonald is the President of Isthmus and its group of partnerships across real estate, agriculture, and energy with the guiding theme of co-envisioning business opportunities with First Nation partners. He also has significant advisory involvement on behalf of First Nations across various Federal and Provincial business and Rights and Title negotiations. One of Noel’s core purposes is to broaden ESG to become ESGI (added “I” for Indigenous). Noel was a founding member of the Emerging Leaders for Solar Energy association in 2012. More recently he was a founding member of the Playmakers Board which is the next gen board of Right To Play Canada. Noel has been a co-chair of the Playmakers Board since 2021 and joined the Canadian Advisory Board in 2022. Empowering children, especially girls and women, both internationally and in indigenous communities here in Canada are core values that attracted Noel to Right To Play.