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The Power of a Refugee Child’s Imagination

Reclaiming Hope from an Uncertain Future

There are more refugees in the world than ever before, and millions of them are children. These children face an uncertain future, one where the hope, joy, and excitement of childhood are drowned under grief, loss, and anxiety.

But by tapping into their creativity, children can find ways to express their fears and work to overcome them. When children understand and feel in control of their emotions, they can more easily speak their minds, form stronger relationships with others, and stand up for their rights.

Right To Play helps refugee children access the healing power of art and creative play so they can reclaim their childhood and its promise. This World Refugee Day, take a moment to learn about how we are supporting refugee children to use their imagination to heal and express their hopes for a brighter future.

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Music for Social Change

Learn how refugee children in Lebanon are writing and performing award-winning songs about their rights to a peaceful childhood and a quality education.

Watch their incredible story

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Drawing together: Fatima’s story

Being forced to flee to Jordan by the Syrian Civil War left Fatima’s granddaughters withdrawn and struggling to express their feelings. Learn how drawing together has helped them bond and cope with their struggles.

Read about how Fatima's family bonds

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Finding her voice through art: Nour’s story

Nour escaped the Syrian War with her family but experienced so much bullying and discrimination in her new school that she almost dropped out. Learn how joining an arts program helped her find her voice and speak out against the way she was being treated.

Find out how Nour stood up for herself

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